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When you register with USI TECH you will gain instant access to your own account dashboard, where you can play with the “what if” calculator. Here you will be able to see the power of compounding your daily returns and see how quickly this can grow into a life-changing income, previously available only to the most affluent investors .

Finally, if you are wondering what the catch is, actually…. there are two…

Firstly, in order to get your account working, you will need to buy some bitcoin.

Secondly: in order to withdraw your profits, buy, sell, send or receive bitcoin, you will need a secure electronic (bitcoin) wallet.

Don´t worry though, anyone can open a bitcoin wallet in just a few minutes. It´s free to open a wallet and there is a link below to the World #1 , COINBASE.

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How to open a CoinBase wallet …

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LATEST NEWS : Soon to launch USI TECH COIN (UTC), USI TECH WALLET, USI TECH TRADING PLATFORM, USI TECH VISA DEBIT CARD… free to all members with no transaction fees for withdrawals!

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How to get started ?

  1. Register with USI for free by clicking on any RED box above

  2. Decide how many packs you wish to purchase @ €50 each

  3. Open a free Bitcoin Wallet. You can use the GREEN box above to join COINBASE

  4. Buy enough Bitcoin to get your USI Bitcoin Packs @ €50 each and an extra amount to cover wallet transaction fees. Check the price that you need to transfer by selecting the “package options” link in your back office.

  5. In your USI dashboard follow the instructions to buy bitcoin packs using the funds in your bitcoin wallet

  6. That´s it, you are now making profit every day, guaranteed.

  7. (optional) If you wish to introduce others and earn commissions from referrals and building a team, use the unique link that is given to you by our team, in order to bring people to this page. When anyone  uses your unique link, all of the “join” links  on the page will be updated with YOUR USI member details embedded, so that they join YOUR downline. If you do not have a link sent to you by the team within 24 hours, use the comment form below (just comment LINK and we will reply asap)
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